10 Projects to tackle around your home if you're thinking of selling

Last Updated Feb 21, 2019

Thinking of selling your home this year? Here are some simple, inexpensive projects to tackle now to improve your prospects of securing a sale at the best price.

Selling a home in some parts of Australia at the moment presents some very real challenges. In Sydney and Melbourne especially, listings are rising and prices are falling -- creating a market where buyers are at the advantage over vendors.

If you're thinking, you'll need to kick the competition aside to ensure that your home doesn't languish on the market or attract only low offers. So here are some simple and inexpensive projects to tackle to ensure your home is in top shape before you list it.

1. Freshen up your facade

2. Insulate your ceilings

3. Refresh your kitchen

4. Pull up the carpet

5. Upgrade your bathroom

6. Update your lighting

7. Add a deck

8. Make sure your roof is in good order

9. Make your rooms look larger

10. Increase your storage

1.  Freshen up your facade

First impressions count. So simple transformations to the outside of your home can make your house stand out in the market, and on the street.

With kerb appeal accounting for up to 10% of a home’s value, in a fluctuating housing market, giving your façade a face lift can help attract potential buyers and ensure you get a better return on your biggest investment.

Some options here that can make a big impact on a low budget are to repaint your facade, add a smart new front door (or repaint your existing door), add a new front fence, repaint or replace the garage door, get the driveway resurfaced (or for a cheaper option, repainted using a specialist paving paint), add new outdoor lighting and street numbers and finish just before you list with some colourful plants in full bloom and a brand new front doormat.

The more you can do to refresh your facade and increase kerb appeal, the more you will  reap the benefits.

2.  Insulate your ceilings

A properly insulated home can shave 10 to 50 percent off energy bills. Anything that saves them money long term is very appealing to today's home buyers.

3.  Refresh your kitchen

A tired, older kitchen can be transformed magically with minor upgrades. Take a look at your kitchen and decide what upgrades you could make that would have the most impact at a minor cost. New cabinet and drawer handles, new taps and replacing the splashback with inexpensive white tiles can transform an outdated kitchen.

Replacing a single sink with a double sink can also be a worthwhile investment, as can be laying new vinyl flooring or tiling the floor and replacing an old stove.

4.  Pull up the carpet

If you have older carpet that has seen better days and there are timber floorboards beneath you can add value to your home dramatically by pulling up the old carpet and having the floorboards refinished. Darker floorboards are perceived as being higher value, so if yours are a light-toned timber have your flooring specialist stain them a darker tone.

If there are no floorboards beneath the carpet or they are in poor condition, consider replacing the carpet with a floating timber floor, recarpeting or buying some large area rugs to cover much of the carpet, depending on your budget and the value any of these options would add to your home. If in doubt about how much to spend without over-capitalising, ask a local real estate agent for advice.

5.  Upgrade your bathroom

Older bathrooms can be given minor upgrades similar to older kitchens. A new vanity and new tapware can make a big difference or you can call in a resurfacing expert to transform the tub, basin and tiles in a fresh new colour or sparkling white. Replacing old grouting can also give your bathroom a freshen up.

6.  Update your lighting

Replacing outdated lighting with inexpensive contemporary lighting designs, including some statement pendant lighting, for a low cost, high impact upgrade.

7.  Add a deck

Adding a deck or covered outdoor entertaining area adds a ton of value to a home and is sure to give you a return on investment. The up-front cost is fairly high, however, so ask your real estate agent for advice before launching into this project. Creating a paved area and furnishing it with a barbecue and smart outdoor furniture might be just as effective at a lower cost.

8.  Make sure your roof is in good order

If your roof is more than 20 years old it may be in need of a spruce up. If you have a tiled roof, get a roofer to replace any cracked or loose tiles. A tin roof that is showing signs of age should be rust-proofed and repainted.

9.  Make your rooms look larger

Decluttering and removing any excess furniture doesn't cost anything (except maybe the cost of a self-storage unit) and will make your home look visually more spacious. Adding mirrors in strategic places where they will reflect natural light can also give an illusion of more space.

10.  Increase your storage

Adding a walk-in robe to the master bedroom, built-in wardrobes, a linen cupboard or a walk-in pantry are all sure-fire ways to add value to your home. Every home buyer dreams of a more organised life, so adding storage is a wise way to win their hearts!

All these projects are certain to add value to your home and attract more potential buyers, now it's up to you and your real estate agent to decide which ones need to be prioritised in your home before you take the plunge and list it on the market.

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