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  • Kitchen renovation
Kitchen renovation
Our company is a renovation, resurfacing company based in Sydney, Australia, and we have an experienced team of certified companies. We provide customers with renovation, resurfacing design, and 3D drawings.
Whether you are investing or living by yourself, whether you want to show your style or follow the market standards, our renovation and resurfacing services will meet all your needs. Our business is not limited to the city of Sydney, we also serve most areas of NSW. ACT

Our services include

1: Bathroom resurfacing (wall & floor tiles, bathtub&basin).

Kitchen resurfacing ( cabinets, benchtop splashback).

2: Bathroom renovation (demolition waterproof, tiling, gyprock, plumbing, electricity, products supply and installation).

Kitchen renovation (demolition, waterproof splash back(tiles/glass), bench top(stone), cabinets, plumbing and electricity, products supply and installation).

3: Indoor, outdoor

Address: 1-5 Carinya street Blacktown Sydney.
Contact: Jordan 0432246080
Michael 0452030366
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Contact: WB COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE PTY LTD JQ Construction&Maintenance

Phone: 0432246080 0452030366

Tel: 0432246080 0452030366

Email: [email protected]

Add: 1-5 Carinya street Blacktown Sydney. JQ Construction&Maintenance